Baterai Handycam JVC BN-VF707, BN-VF707U, BN-VF707UE, BN-VF707US, BN-VF714, BN-VF714U Fit Camcorder JVC GZ-D240, JVC GZ-D270, JVC GZ-DF420, JVC GZ-DF470, JVC GR-D Series, JVC GR-DF Series, JVC GR-X Series, JVC GZ-MG Series

Battery Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 7.20V
Capacity: 1400mAh
Color: Dark Grey
Dimension: 41.00 x 37.00 x 39.50 mm
Product Type: Replacement Battery (Brand New)
Condition: New
Weight: 98.00 g

Compatible Part Numbers:
BN-VF707, BN-VF707U, BN-VF707UE, BN-VF707US, BN-VF714, BN-VF714U

Product Description:
    JVC GZ-D240,
    JVC GZ-D270,
    JVC GZ-DF420,
    JVC GZ-DF470

    JVC GR-D Series
        GR-D239, GR-D240, GR-D244US, GR-D245, GR-D246,
        GR-D247, GR-D250, GR-D253AG, GR-D250AC, GR-D250KR,
        GR-D250U, GR-D250US, GR-D270, GR-D270AC, GR-D270U,
        GR-D270US, GR-D271, GR-D271US, GR-D275, GR-D275U,
        GR-D275US, GR-D29, GR-D290, GR-D290AC, GR-D290AH,
        GR-D290KR, GR-D290U, GR-D290US, GR-D293, GR-D295,
        GR-D295US, GR-D320, GR-D320EX, GR-D325, GR-D325E,
        GR-D328EF, GR-D329AH, GR-D338AH, GR-D340, GR-D340E,
        GR-D340EK, GR-D340EX, GR-D345, GR-D345E, GR-D350,
        GR-D350AC, GR-D350AG, GR-D350AH, GR-D350U, GR-D350US,
        GR-D351, GR-D360, GR-D360E, GR-D360EX, GR-D370,
        GR-D370AC, GR-D370AH, GR-D370E, GR-D370EX, GR-D370U,
        GR-D370US, GR-D371US, GR-D375U, GR-D375US, GR-D390,
        GR-D390EK, GR-D390U, GR-D390US, GR-D393, GR-D395US,
        GR-D396US, GR-D570KR, GR-D640, GR-D640E, GR-D640EX,
        GR-D645, GR-D645E, GR-D650, GR-D650AC, GR-D650AH,
        GR-D650E, GR-D650EX

    JVC GR-DF Series
        GR-DF420, GR-DF425, GR-DF430, GR-DF430US,
        GR-DF450, GR-DF450U, GR-DF450US, GR-DF470,
        GR-DF470US, GR-DF540, GR-DF550, GR-DF550U,
        GR-DF550US, GR-DF565, GR-DF570, GR-DF570US,
        GR-DF577, GR-DF590
    JVC GR-X Series
        GR-X5, GR-X5AC, GR-X5E, GR-X5US

    JVC GZ-MG Series
        GZ-MG20, GZ-MG20E, GZ-MG20U, GZ-MG20US, GZ-MG21,
        GZ-MG21AC, GZ-MG21E, GZ-MG21EK, GZ-MG21EX, GZ-MG21U,
        GZ-MG21US, GZ-MG24E, GZ-MG26, GZ-MG26E, GZ-MG27,
        GZ-MG27AH-U, GZ-MG27E, GZ-MG27EX, GZ-MG27U, GZ-MG27US,
        GZ-MG30, GZ-MG30E, GZ-MG30U, GZ-MG30US, GZ-MG31,
        GZ-MG31AC, GZ-MG31U, GZ-MG35US, GZ-MG36E, GZ-MG36EK,
        GZ-MG37, GZ-MG37AH-U, GZ-MG37E, GZ-MG37EX, GZ-MG37U,
        GZ-MG37US, GZ-MG40, GZ-MG40-A, GZ-MG40-P, GZ-MG40-S,
        GZ-MG40E, GZ-MG40U, GZ-MG40US, GZ-MG47, GZ-MG47E,
        GZ-MG47EX, GZ-MG50, GZ-MG50AH, GZ-MG50E, GZ-MG50U,
        GZ-MG505, GZ-MG505AA, GZ-MG505AC, GZ-MG505AG, GZ-MG505AH,
        GZ-MG505AS, GZ-MG505B, GZ-MG505E, GZ-MG505EK, GZ-MG505EX,
        GZ-MG505S, GZ-MG505-S, GZ-MG505US, GZ-MG50US, GZ-MG57,
        GZ-MG57AC, GZ-MG57AH-U, GZ-MG57E, GZ-MG57EK, GZ-MG57EX,
        GZ-MG60, GZ-MG60E, GZ-MG67, GZ-MG67AC, GZ-MG67AH-U,
        GZ-MG67E, GZ-MG67EX, GZ-MG67U, GZ-MG67US, GZ-MG70,
        GZ-MG70E, GZ-MG70US, GZ-MG77, GZ-MG77AC, GZ-MG77AH-U,
        GZ-MG77E, GZ-MG77EK, GZ-MG77EX, GZ-MG77U, GZ-MG77US


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