Baterai Handycam BN-V428U / BNV428U / BN-V428 / BNV428 Fit Camcorder GRD230US, GRD33US, GRD72US, GRD93US, GRDV500 & GRDZ7U

JVC Battery Type BN-V428U / BNV428U / BN-V428 / BNV428.
Fits JVC Camcorders and more GR-DVL160EK DVL100 DVL105 DVL107 DVL108 DVL109 DVL200 DVL205 DVL300 DVL305 DVL307 DVL308 DVL309 DVL357 DVL500 DVL505 DVL507 DVL800 DVL805 DV2000 BN V408 GR DVL157 ST GR DVL450 BN V416 GR DVL1800 GR DVL500 BN V426 GR DVL200 GR DVL505 GR DV1800 GR DVL300 GR DVL507 GR DV2000 GR DVL305 GR DVL555 GR DVL100 GR DVL307 GR DVL557 GR DVL105 GR DVL308 GR DVL600 GR DVL107 GR DVL309 GR DVL707 GR DVL108 GR DVL350 GR DVL800 GR DVL109 GR DVL355 GR DVL805 GR DVL150 GR DVL357 DV GR-D50K, DVL100, DVL105, DVL107, DVL108, DVL109, DVL200, DVL205, DVL300, DVL305, DVL307, DVL308, DVL309, DVL357, DVL500, DVL507, DVL800,DVL805,GR-D70K, GR-D90K, GR-DV2000U, GR-DV5000, GR-DVL310, GR-DVL310U, GR-DVL505U, GR-DVL510U, GR-DVL915U.

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