Baterai Handycam/Camcorder JVC BN-V408U for JVC GR-D20, GR-D21, GR-D22, GR-D23, GR-D24, GR-D30, GR-D31, GR-D32, GR-D33, GR-D34, GR-D40, GR-D43, GR-D50, GR-D53, GR-D54, GR-D60, GR-D63

Product Description

Suitable for the follwing JVC Cameras: GR-D21E GR-D22E GR-D22 GR-D220E GR-D220 GR-D23 GR-D23E GR-D230E GR-D230US GR-D225 GR-D30 GR-D30E GR-D30US GR-D31 GR-D31US GR-D33 GR-D33US GR-D40 GR-D50 GR-D50E GR-D50K GR-D51 GR-D51E GR-D53 GR-D53E GR-D60 GR-D70 GR-D70E GR-D70K GR-D70US GR-D72 GR-D72E GR-D72US GR-D73 GR-D73E GR-D90 GR-D90K GR-D90US GR-D91 GR-D91US GR-D92 GR-D93US GR-DV1800 GR-DV2000 GR-DV2000U GR-DV3000 GR-DV3000U GR-DV3500 GR-DV400 GR-DV4000 GR-DV500 GR-DV5000 GR-DV500K GR-DV500US GR-DV700 GR-DV700K GR-DV800 GR-DV800US GR-DV801 GR-DV900 GR-DV900K GR-DV109EG GR-DV300 GR-DV307 GR-DV400E GR-DV500E GR-DV500US GR-DV700E GR-DV1800EG GR-DV2000 GR-DV2000EG GR-DV3000EG GR-DV4000E GR-DVA10 GR-DVA101 GR-DVA11K GR-DVA20K GR-DVA22K GR-DVA30K GR-DVA33K GR-DVL100 (E) GR-DVL100U GR-DVL1020 GR-DVL105 (E) GR-DVL105U GR-DVL107 (E) GR-DVL107U GR-DVL108 (E) GR-DVL109 (E) GR-DVL1170 (E) GR-DVL120 (E) GR-DVL120U GR-DVL140 (E) GR-DVL145 (E) GR-DVL149 (E) GR-DVL150 (E) GR-DVL155 (E) GR-DVL157 (E) GR-DVL160 (E) GR-DVL167 (E) GR-DVL200 GR-DVL200U GR-DVL205U GR-DVL210U GR-DVL220 GR-DVL220U GR-DVL257 GR-DVL300 GR-DVL300U GR-DVL305 GR-DVL307 GR-DVL307U GR-DVL308 GR-DVL309 GR-DVL310 GR-DVL310U GR-DVL313U GR-DVL315U GR-DVL317U GR-DVL320 GR-DVL320U GR-DVL322 GR-DVL323 GR-DVL326 GR-DVL355 GR-DVL357 GR-DVL365 GR-DVL367 GR-DVL400 GR-DVL400U GR-DVL420 GR-DVL450 GR-DVL500 GR-DVL500U GR-DVL505 GR-DVL505U GR-DVL507 GR-DVL510U GR-DVL517U GR-DVL520 GR-DVL520U GR-DVL522 GR-DVL522U GR-DVL525 GR-DVL555 GR-DVL557 GR-DVL567 GR-DVL600 GR-DVL600U GR-DVL610U GR-DVL707 GR-DVL707U GR-DVL710U GR-DVL720 GR-DVL720U GR-DVL722 GR-DVL725 GR-DVL725U GR-DVL728 GR-DVL765 GR-DVL767 GR-DVL800 GR-DVL800U GR-DVL805 GR-DVL805U GR-DVL810U GR-DVL815U GR-DVL817U GR-DVL820 GR-DVL820U GR-DVL822U GR-DVL828 GR-DVL865 GR-DVL867 GR-DVL910 GR-DVL915U GR-DVL920 GR-DVL920U GR-DVL925 GR-DVL970 GR-DVL1800 GR-DVL1800EK GR-DZ7US GR-DZ7E GR-PD1E GR-PD1 GR-HD1 GR-HD1US GR-VF1 GR-VF10 GR-DL100 GR-DL107 GR-DL300 GY-DV300E

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